About Me

What do an Olympic relay runner, an engineer with a love of innovation, and a busker with a yellow violin have in common?

They have all moved me deeply as I’ve witnessed them in their element, performing at their highest level.

I see the potential in people and systems, and I partner with people in pursuit of this potential. When we work together, it becomes clear what is standing in the way of high performance and how to bridge the gap. We create tangible, sustainable change.

Nicole simply 'gets it'. She is superb. She can zero in on issues very quickly and make appropriate recommendations.
– Senior HR Director
Nicole is an intuitive powerhouse who brings energy, warmth and drive to our sessions. In working with her I’ve had countless ‘a-ha’ moments that she’s helped me to transform into tangible, impactful changes in my life.
– Talent Manager

I am a 10-time award-winning executive and relationship coach. My coaching is informed by a combination of world-class specialised training and professional experience. Identified as a leader throughout my childhood and teenage years, I rose to leadership positions in my early 20’s. I successfully ran an emergency shelter and crisis line for women affected by domestic abuse in Canada, led operations for a UK coaching start-up, and founded a coaching social enterprise in London, all before age 30. My early success as a leader resulted in large part from being trusted to get the best from the people around me. I’ve honed this natural strength to become my expertise, and use this to serve my clients and their goals.

I loved Nicole instantly. She is very real and called me out when I was making excuses or not pushing myself enough, balanced with being very kind and fun. Working with Nicole was very uplifting and a good kick in the rear! I successfully achieved my desired outcome, and recommended Nicole to several colleagues who are bursting with potential. She has helped us all on our respective journeys.
– Training Manager

My executive coaching work includes clients such as Euronext, The National Trust, Skipton Building Society, Spotlight Casting, Knowle West Media Centre, Department of Energy and Climate Change, Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, and more. My relationship coaching has included private clients and a partnership with King’s Church London.

The clients I work with are ready to create change. Is this you? Then contact me. I can’t wait for us to get started.


“A subject matter expert in epiphanies.” – Senior Engineering Manager