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You train your body for peak performance. Do you train your mind for the same?

If you’re not physically fit, you’d feel physical stress as you climb a steep hill.   

If you’re not mentally fit, you’d feel mental stress, such as anxiety, frustration, or unhappiness, as you handle work and relationship challenges.   

80% of people score below the minimum level of mental fitness required for peak performance and happiness.        

The great news? With recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and technology, you can now improve your mental fitness significantly within 6 weeks of practice

The results? Dramatically improved performance and productivity and a calm, clear and happier mind.   

As a success coach for executives, I understand why only 20% of people achieve their true potential. After working with Shirzad Chamine, Stanford Lecturer and Founder of Positive Intelligence with a comprehensive 500,000-person global research study, I can show you how to significantly increase your productivity and overall happiness, starting in just 6 weeks’ time.


Mental fitness is a measure of the strength of your positive mental ‘muscles’ (what we call Sage) versus the negative (what we call Saboteur).  

Saboteurs react to challenges in ways that generate negative emotions such as stress, disappointment, self-doubt, regret, anger, shame, guilt, or worry.

Your Sage handles challenges through positive emotions like empathy, gratitude, curiosity, creativity, self-confidence, and calm, clear-headed, laser-focused action. 

The relative strength of your positive Sage versus negative Saboteurs is called PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient).  

PQ is the measure of your Mental Fitness. It’s the best predictor of how happy you are and how well you perform relative to your potential. 

You can boost your PQ significantly with practice.


PQ is a synthesis of recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance (athletic) science. 

Research included: 

  • hundreds of CEOs

  • sales, operations, and technology teams

  • Stanford students

  • elite athletes

  • 500,000 participants from 50 countries


The research reveals that:

  1. Saboteurs and Sage live in entirely different regions of the brain

  2. You can cause a dramatic shift in brain activation to weaken Saboteurs and boost Sage

  3. core muscles constitute mental fitness


Within 6-8 weeks of mental fitness training you’d be able to see the results in fMRI imaging:   

  • Increased grey matter in the PQ Brain region, where your Sage lives 

  • Decreased grey matter in the Survivor Brain region, where your Saboteurs live


Improvements in these competencies lead to substantial results:

  • At MetLife, trained salespeople outsold the control group by 37%

  • Motorolla recorded improved productivity in 93% of trained employees

  • In a UK restaurant group, higher competency resulted in 34% greater profit growth

  • At Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceutical, the average salesperson with improved competency sold $55,200 more per month

  • At L’Oréal, strength in these competencies resulted in $91,370 increase per sales person

  • At CIBC, strength in these competencies accounted for 32% of booked sales and 71% of pipeline sales


£800 GBP for one person ($995 USD/ $1,350 CAD)

– savings of £100

3 payments of £300 ($375 USD or $510 CAD)

100% risk-free guarantee

Maybe you’re sceptical that you can achieve lasting behaviour change. I understand. You need to see and feel this bootcamp to believe it. That’s why I offer an iron-clad 30-day guarantee. 

At any time during the first 30 days of the programme simply send me a one-sentence email: Full refund please! And you’ll receive it within five business days. No questions asked.


3 Core muscles constitute your mental fitness:

  1. Saboteurs Interceptor Muscle

You Saboteurs generate all your negative emotions, including stress, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, avoidance, procrastination, insensitivity or discontent. Mental fitness requires the ability to intercept and discredit the Saboteurs.

  1. Sage Muscle

Your Sage is the one in you that handles challenges with a clear and calm mind, and positive emotions.   It also has access to your 5 primary powers. 

All you need to paint any canvas are 3 primary colors.  Similarly, through factor analysis research we’ve discovered that there are only 5 primary powers: Empathise, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate.       

For peak performance, you learn to boost all 5 powers and know when to use which power.     


  1. Self-Command Muscle

You’re not in full command of your mind.  If you were, you would choose to entirely silence the Saboteurs in your head.  You would choose to not stress out over what you can’t control, push away self-doubts, recover from disappointments immediately, and spend little time in anger, regret, or blame.     

PQ Reps are innovative 10-second exercises which build up this crucial Self-Command muscle in the brain. You learn to run your brain, rather than allow your Saboteur-hijacked brain to run you.


Traditional training and development tend to have a short-lived impact for 3 reasons:  

    • Focus on insight rather than muscle. For example, the insight that being frustrated isn’t helpful doesn’t automatically lead to you not feeling frustrated.  That would require mental muscles to shift brain activation. 
    • Treating symptoms rather than cause. For example, teaching you techniques of active listening to improve empathy will have temporary impact if your deeply-seated Judge Saboteur is not exposed and intercepted. 
    • No common operating system. Since each training you attend uses a different framework—the 7 steps of managing conflict, the 5 secrets of managing time, etc.  the frameworks compete for mindshare and all fade away. PQ is that operating system that stems from factor analysis.

Through extensive factor analysis research, PQ has identified the 10 root-level negative factors (Saboteurs) and the 5 primary powers (Sage).  This enables a common operating system.    

All personal and professional development become applications of the PQ operating system.  Whether learning to perform better under pressure, keep a clear mind and focused action in uncertainty, manage conflicts, or manage time, you’d apply the same exact operating system: 

  • Intercept Saboteurs
  • Issue Self-Command (through 10-second PQ Reps)
  • Mobilise Sage (Empathise, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, Activate)

It’s one simple framework for a variety of applications, boosting root-level mental fitness.

This dramatically simplifies personal and professional development.  


Designed like a mental fitness bootcamp, the PQ Programme gives you the insights, motivation, and structure to practice 15 minutes per day for 6 weeks. 

The programme combines weekly video sessions with daily app-guided practices to boost your 3 core mental fitness muscles. 


Weekly 1-hour Video Sessions

In these recorded sessions, Shirzad guides you through experiential exercises that deepen and personalise your understanding of the mental fitness tools. You leave inspired and energised for the week’s daily practices.


Exclusive App Guiding Your Daily Practice

Each day a different focus for daily practice is assigned through a personalised companion app available exclusively to programme participants. 

This builds one small muscle at a time, laying down new neural pathways to form lasting positive habits of your mind. The cumulative impact by programme’s end is substantial.


Interactive PQ Gym

Innovative 10-second PQ Reps build up your Self-Command muscle. You learn to be clear-headed and calm even in the midst of great challenges, able to command your mind to shift from Saboteur to Sage response.


Daily Progress Tracking

The app tracks your daily progress against minimum targets associated with new neural pathway (muscle) formation. Personalised daily coaching tips from Shirzad continue to both encourage and challenge you to keep going.


Cohort Community with Nicole and Founder of Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Chamine

Nicole and Shirzad remain active members of your cohort community, answering your questions or providing online coaching. Participants report the online cohort community to be key to sustaining their enthusiasm for daily practice. 


100% Risk-Free Guarantee 

Maybe you’re sceptical that you can achieve lasting behaviour change. I understand. You need to see and feel this bootcamp to believe it. That’s why I offer an iron-clad 30-day guarantee. At any time during the first 30 days of the programme simply send me a one-sentence email: Full refund please!  And you’ll receive it within five business days. No questions asked.

£800 GBP for one person ($995 USD/ $1,350 CAD)

– savings of £100

3 payments of £300 ($375 USD or $510 CAD)


  • stress
  • wellness
  • parenting
  • relationships
  • career planning
  • emotional intelligence*
  • conflict management
  • creativity
  • peak performance
  • leadership
  • time management
  • change management
  • coaching
  • [e.g. sales]
  • prospecting
  • client presentations
  • closing
  • resilience

*Due to the power of factor analysis, the PQ Programme boosts the root-level building blocks that automatically boost all 18 Emotional Intelligence competencies, including:

  • emotional self-awareness 
  • accurate self-assessment 
  • self-confidence
  • empathy
  • organisational awareness
  • service orientation
  • emotional self-control
  • transparency
  • adaptability
  • achievement
  • initiative
  • optimism
  • developing others
  • inspirational leadership
  • change catalyst
  • influence
  • conflict management
  • teamwork & collaboration


This is the right program for you if you are a) committed to improving your performance and effectiveness dramatically while reducing stress, b) looking for a science-based and trusted system to make it stick, and c) willing to put in the initial effort to rewire years of mental habits that don’t serve you.

Some people believe that negative emotions are helpful. For example, they think stress gives them their performance edge, or beating themselves or others up is helpful for continual improvement. 

Feeling pain for a split second when your hand touches a hot stove is indeed useful, delivering an important alert. But your Saboteurs keep your hand on the hot stove, continuing to feel negative emotions which harm both performance and happiness. 

In this programme we learn to use negative emotions as a helpful alert, and then quickly shift to the positive region of the brain that has the calm clarity, objectivity, and creativity to handle the challenge most effectively.

Founder of Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Chamine, has pre-recorded each of the weekly video sessions. Nicole and Shirzad participate daily in the exclusive online community of the programme participants to answer questions, provide coaching, and cheer you on.

Shirzad is the New York Times bestselling author of Positive Intelligence, translated into 20 languages.  He has been CEO of the largest coach training organization in the world and has trained faculty at Stanford and Yale business schools.   

Nicole is a 10-time award-winning executive and relationship coach. She is a PQ Pioneer Coach, and as such is part of the first-ever global cohort of coaches to take part in the PQ Train the Trainer programme delivered live by Shirzad in 2020. Nicole and her fellow PQ Pioneer Coaches partner with Positive Intelligence and retain direct access to Shirzad for his expert insight and to help inform the future development of the programme.

You’d be committing to watching a 1-hour video once per week and doing a combined total of 15 minutes per day of practice guided by the Positive Intelligence app exclusively designed for this program. 

This might sound like a lot of time. In fact, cumulatively, it constitutes less than 2% of your awake time for the duration of the program. Please consider that your Saboteurs are costing you far more than 2% of your time, effort, energy, and productivity. Consider how much more than 2% of time and productivity this six-weeks investment will save for years to come. 

You’d never learn to ride a bicycle by reading a book about it. You’ll be asked to read the first 8 chapters of the book (provided electronically at no extra cost) whilst participating in the programme. The book provides the research foundation and introduces the tools. The video session guides you through experiential exercises that help you personalise the tools to your own personality and needs. And the app coaches you to practice one tool at a time in the context of your own daily work and life challenges.

Even though the focus of the program is individual development, team leaders often call this experience the best team building experience they have ever had. Going through this program together significantly deepens trust, helps clear the air related to recurrent team member conflicts since they’re mostly generated by Saboteurs, and gives the entire team a common framework for helping each other grow, making decisions, responding to setbacks, and managing conflicting styles and agendas. 

Yes, if you would like to purchase the Positive Intelligence programme for your employees, or any group of 8 people and above, please contact me for more information.

For any questions, please contact